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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 31, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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hitched in new york. new details about the wedding are emerging this morning and we're taking you there live. plus, apple versus blackberry. blackberry comes out with its answer to the ipad. what the new damage will be able to do, we'll share all that. two reports today, one about some of america's worst beaches and another about the aftereffect of taking a vacation. good morning, everyone, i'm alex witt and welcome to "msnbc saturday" on the last day of july. new figures shug the economy is slowing down. the commerce department says gross domestic product grew at a slower than expected pace last quarter. it's critical the gdp is the broadest growth of measure in the economy. despite new numbers, the president says, our economy is on the right track. good saturday morning to you, mike. what kind of evidence is the president pointing to in order to reassure americans on the economy? >> reporter: the fact there is positive growth and the country is technically out of recession
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which means there were two consecutive measures of growth. that hasn't happened in two years. the president hastens to add we're not out of the woods yet but points to the fact there's been positive job growth for each of the last six months. the economy did end up growing at a 2.4% great, and an upwardly revised rate of 3.75%, they just revised that rate. that's the good news. the bad news, both politically and economically is the unemployment rate still rests at 9.5%. a lot of experts, alex, think it's going to go higher, 9.8%, and we'll get few statistics for july at the end of this month, the beginning of august. the president is trying to accentuate the positive, talking about the positive job growth, even though everybody believes it's not going to be enough to bring down the unemployment rate. talking about something else, the turnaround, as he calls it, in detroit. he says his actions by spending
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$60 billion out of the t.a.r.p., that was tremendously unpopular last year, saved a million jobs in michigan and elsewhere in the midwest. yesterday he visited a chrysler plant and a gm plant and here is what he had to say. >> you now have all those u.s. auto companies showing a profit. they've rehired 55,000 workers. >> reporter: and, alex, of course the president this week, he has more fund-raising on the schedule coming up. he's going to be going to atlanta. he's going to be going to chicago. he'll be making speeches around that. the focus from here on out to november is going to be the economy. the president hammering home the fact that he's taken some unpopular steps that are bearing fruit. a lot of republicans are saying, look at the scoreboard, mr. president, 9.5% unemployment, slow gdp growth, where are the grounds and that is where this election battle will be fought.
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>> yeah. just a little glitch there but you handled that very well. just got a little -- >> reporter: interesting. >> no worries. got you covered. president obama says he's concerned about the ethics charges facing congressman charlie rangel. rangel denies the 13 charges, which include tax and disclosur. perhaps september, right at the election season gears up. firefighters in southern california slowed a wildfire headed toward hundreds of home in palmdale. that blaze has charred over
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10,000 acres. 1700 firefighters constructed containment lines around 20% of that fire as aircraft dropped water and fire-retardant throughout the day. it it's destroyed three houses, mobile homes and outbuildings. in wisconsin amusement park, a 12-year-old girl plunges more than 40 feet to the ground after a safety net malfunctioned. the girl's family watched in horror as she slammed into the ground. they say amusement park staff came to the aid before emergency responders arrived. >> i went down and there was a little girl lying on the ground. and the mom was saying, please, don't let my baby die. please, don't let my baby die. >> that girl is being treated at a local hospital this morning. police have dough kleined to elaborate on the extent of her injuries. more showers on the way for the heavily soaked northern
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plains. torrential rain caused flash flooding across south dakota including spring creek where a dramatic rescue was caught on camera. gushing water we want a driver off the road and rescuers used a ladder to pluck that man from the dangerous current. the east coast is getting a break from sweltering heat. temperatures are expected to peak in the low 80s. for more on the weather let's go to msnbc meteorologist bill kari karins. good morning. >> good morning. this summer has been incredibly hot. you don't need me to tell you that. the weather pattern has changed a little bit this weekend. for a brief period a few locations will get a break from the heat. this has been the weather pattern setup throughout the summer to this point. the middle of the country, especially the east coast, mid-atlantic, an especially hot summer. we have a chance to break the all-time high in new york city, baltimore, richmond, many tes that have never seen a summer this warm. this has changed. we have a cool, crisp morning in
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areas of the great lakes, new england and mid-atlantic. the humidity is down. and the temperatures are down along with it. this is a brief little break because the heat will come back later on this week. but at least for today, it's feeling nice. now, the problem areas, the southeast and all through the middle of the country, that's where the heat continues. yesterday it was 99 in dallas. 95 in atlanta. today we have heat advisories out there, everywhere in yellow in heat warnings in other than. of the southeast will bake today. high temperature in dallas, 101. little rock, 100. jackson, 100. the heat index will be high because the humidity's going to be way up. the forecast for the rest of the country, middle of the nation is very hot. gorgeous from d.c. up through new england. for any friends up with us out west, cool conditions on the coast but very warm from phoenix to salt lake city. the heat rules as tropics remain quiet. back to you. >> bill karins, thank you for that. the massive operation to permanently plug that busted oil well on the floor of the gulf of mexico has hit a snag.
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let's get details from nbc's anne thompson joining us live from venice, louisiana. good saturday morning to you, anne. >> reporter: good morning. this snag is not unimpped. it happened after they were -- crews found it after tropical storm bonnie passed through. you remember that before the storm came, they put what was called a storm packer, a plug, in that first relief well. when they pulled the plug out and went down and they inspected the relief well, they found anywhere about 40 to 46 feet of debris at the very end of the well. so, they've been cleaning that out. and then they will put in the last section of piping. and then they hope -- then they will cement that in. then they hope to start static kill either monday night or tuesday. static kill is essentially a low-pressure version of top kill, which you remember which didn't worm montk months ago. they'll pump drilling mud under low pressure into the well and
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try to force all that oil back down into the reservoir. they think it will work now because the well is capped and that gives them back pressure that will send that oil back down to the reservoir. >> we have graphics explaining all this. how does this affect what bob dudley says in terms of scaling back the clean-up efforts? >> reporter: it's been more than two weeks since any new oil flowed into the gulf. so, in certain parts of the gulf you don't see tar balls, tar paddies washing up on beaches. as he said yesterday, they'll continue to adjust the size of the clean upforce depending on their need. there's no need to have people in hazmat suits walking along beaches where there is no oil. this is a severe point of contentious among people especially here in louisiana. officials here who still bear the scars of katrina, who felt they were abandoned during katrina, and they fear the same
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thing will happen once the well is permanently killed out there, that bp and the coast guard will pack up and go away, and yet the oil will still come ashore. i mean, one of the things they know, it takes the oil four to six weeks to get from the well head to the coast, about that time. but what they don't know is how much oil is under the sea and how long it's going to take that to come to the marshes or beaches. there's a lot to figure out. >> anne thompson, thank you so much. this afternoon some 500 guests or so are expected to begin arriving for the wedding event of the season and rumors are still swirling about who is on that list. chelsea clinton will marry marc mezvinsky at the astor court estate this is afternoon. with a good saturday morning to you on this busy day, courtney, we still don't know who's showing up for the wedding. they've done a pretty good job with keeping these details secret, right? >> reporter: they've done a
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great job of keeping these details secret. i think that's why they're also allowing so many rumors to let fly. if you're thinking mariah carey, rihanna and oprah winfrey are going to be here, you're taking the attention away from some of the other guests who actually are here. we know that chelsea's mom and dad are here. we saw them at the hotel right behind me at about 11:00 last fight. saw a lot of peopl her and marc's age, which leads me to believe the rumors about really being a friends and family event are true. i saw a lot of those guests being corralled into vans to be taken to the rehearsal dinner location. it's been kept so, so quiet. the locals are doing a great job about the ones who know the real details, they're not giving them up. >> there's one report from "the telegraph" which says mobile phones have to be given up. i mean, is that unusual? might they even go to the extent of patting people down to make sure? >> reporter: well, i don't think you'll see anyone being patted
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down, however we do have a former president on hand, so it's likely there's some secret service presence here, likely they'll are to go through those mags. it's not uncommon for a high-profile wedding you're asked to turn in your cell phone. bethenny frankel made her guests do it. i don't think it would be unusual for chelsea clinton ask that people kindly hand it over when they go in so there aren't any pictures taken, anything leaked out, even unintentional. i mean, people put things up on facebook they don't mean to get out. i think that's what's trying to be avoided here. the security presence is an interesting point, too, because it's not like this little town's crawling with secret service. yes, president clinton has a small detail with hill. i can also confirm the state department said a small detail of secret service to be with hillary clinton, but it's really a very, very mellow affair. they're blending in with the town as best they can. >> okay.
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courtn courtney hazelette, thank you very much. the tax cuts are about to expire. what's the argument for keeping them in place? more people are heading to one massachusetts beach but they're not going there to swim. we'll show you why. the ipad is about to get tough competition and we'll show it to you on "msnbc saturday." which is why we do all we can to help you move on after one. [ engine turns over ] and when you insure both your home and car with us, we dit for even less. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ passion burning ♪ love is so strong ♪
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a big package of tax cuts enacted by the george w. bush administration is set to expire at the end of this year but the debate over what to do about it in washington, that is heating up. politics daily patricia murphy says if cuts expire, americans could see their tax bracket changes. the so-called marriage penalty would be back if effect and the child tax credit would be cut in half. that's only a partial list of what could happen. i'm joined live by erin.
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good morning. >> good morning. >> do you agree with the tax cut? is there an argument for keeping them in place? >> this is the heart of the debate. this is something congress will deal with in september. they're about to go away for their august break. republicans would argue that if we let these taxes expire, would it amount to a tax increase on americans? democrats, for their part, they want to let the taxes -- the tax cuts expire on the wealthiest americans and keep the tax cuts in place for middle and lower income americans. so, that's really the heart of the debate. really, it's in the eye of the beholder. >> any democrats saying f we let these cuts expire it would contribute to lowering the deficit? . >> that's also part of the argument. a lot of democrats want to allow these to expire on the wealthy because they are concerned about deficit spending. that's the big argument right now on capitol hill underscoring all of this is deficit spending. republicans have been hammering
8:17 am
democrats over deficit spending over the last two years. democrats are using this to call republicans hypocrites because they're saying if these tax cuts continue, then we'll continue to add to the deficit and, you know, you guys are the ones bludgeoning us for deficit spending. well, maybe you were being hypocritical. there's a big political argument. november 2 know, critical election year, particularly for democrats. this is going to be clouding all of that as we head into the fall. >> i've always believed people vote if large part their wallets. which americans will be most affected and how if these tax cuts expire? >> again, we get back to how this is going to be fashioned. we just don't know yet. some are saying we'll probably get some kind of a mishmash of either for the wealthy or middle income americans. it depends op democrats would like to, like i said earlier,
8:18 am
extend tax cuts for lower and middle income americans. they say it's about 95% of the population. let the tax cuts expire for the wealthy. republicans, obviously, want to extend it for all. and we harken back to when bush enacted the first set in 2001. i believe it was north of $1 trillion these tax cuts cost. it really just depends on how they end up putting this together and really, alex, we don't know if we'll get this done before the election or in a post-election lame duck session. >> you know what's interesting is the way all of these tax cuts came into existence, because then-president bush enacted them in 2001. some didn't take effect until 2006. there's an argument to be made or question to be raised why didn't president bush put them in on a permanent level instead of this phased-in way of passing it? >> if we look back to when this was happening, the first set was nearly a decade ago, you know, this was something that bush
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campaigned on. and everything is politics. you know, by -- if we all remember, there were rebate checks, $600 or $300 went to individual americans. it was a politically popular thing to do. obviously, he was president at the time and worrying about his own tenure. and it was controversial. i mean, you know, back then this was not something democrats swallowed. republicans were in the majority and they were able to get it through. there was a big price tag. a lot of democrats did not want to enact the tax cut in the first place so i think a lot of politics. >> good to talk to you. thanks. >> thanks. a massachusetts beach is drawing new visitor but they're not going there to swim. they're going to look at sharks. five miles of beach in chatham on cape cod has been closed to swimmers because of great white shark sightings. one is swimming about 100 yards offhoer. expert say those sharks are likely tracking seals. if you haven't been able to get your hands on apple's new ipad, the makers of blackberry
8:20 am
have a solution for you. veronica de la cruz joins us. what is their answer? >> good morning to you, alex. in some instances the apple ipad has been on backorder for a few months which is frustrating. the maker of blackberry, research in motion, has stepped up to the plate. they announced their own version called the black pad, it will about be $499. that's for the basic model. about the same size, i would say roughly 9.7 inches, 10 inches, the same features. except for get this, a few additional bonuses. it will have a front and rear camera that could be used for video conferences which is wonderful because this is something i wanted to get my mom, especially because if you think about this type of computer, it has a rather large font. so for somebody like my mom who isn't necessarily that technologically savvy, this is a great idea. the thing is, it didn't have the video conferencing. so, i was thinking i wouldn't be able to skype with her.
8:21 am
>> that's fun to skype with your mom. i'm wondering if there's a copyright infringement, ipad, black pad, but if you do own an ipad, what about kindle? that has come out with this new and improved way to read your books. is that the way to go? >> absolutely right. they've updated the kindle application for the ipad and iphone. we're talking about version 3.0 now. this comes with an online dictionary complete with more than 250,000 words anding are the application isn't good enough for you, you want the real thing because sometimes people don't like reading off that backlit l.e.d. screen, the good news is that amazon's dropped the price of the wi-fi-only kindle, not the 3g version, about $50. you can grab it for about $139. there's stiff competition out there. >> yeah. we have to share with people what we were talking about how new york city subways will be a whole new riding experience, right? >> your subway riding experience in the big apple is just about
8:22 am
to get a whole lot noisier because new york city transit partnered up with transit wireless to finish wireless connectivity on 277 platforms. they're saying it will cost $200 million and they should have the first six major stayings running in two months. i'm attached to my blackberry. i love it. when i go underground i hate that i can't send an e-mail but how annoying we'll have to listen to everybody aels phone conversations? >> no thanks. >> seriously. >> thank you very much. >> of course. a dirty little secret about some of america's beaches. the results of a new report next. plus, the pint-sized troublemaker from "jersey shore" has a run-in with the law. bottl. notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away.
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a new report of american beaches suggests they are not as clean as they should be. natural resource defense council tested 3,000 beaches for water
8:26 am
quality. their report found 7% of beaches violated health standards. noah garrison is defense for national resource defense. good morning. >> good morning. >> we've had 18,000 beaches close and swimming advisories last year on beaches. what is is the major cause of this pollution? >> we found vast majority is due to finding elevated bacteria in the water. bacteria that can make swimmers sick. 75% of closings were due to testing at federal levels that exceeded health standards. >> is it human waste? things being dumped by companies? what is it? >> it's a two-fold problem and depends on sort of a city by city basis. the two largest known sources of contamination in our beaches are either storm water pollution, runoff when it rains and picks up trash and animal waste and
8:27 am
bacteria pathogens, anything on the surface of our streets, rooftops, parking lots, gets flushed into the storm drains and into our beaches with little or no treatment. the other thing we find is that there are cities that use combined sewers so they combined the sewage waste coming out of people's sewage systems with rainfall run offand the huge volume of rain that enters these systems simply over whems them and floods the water out to the beach. >> sounds kind of disgusting. let's go to where the top five worst beaches are and they're scattered around the country. we've got indiana, california, michigan, massachusetts, they all have water vitals, reaching 70%. if you swim in water like that, what do you risk having happen to you? >> well, unfortunately, we find that this is a huge problem at beaches nationwide. it's not just limited to one state. we have problems with beaches in
8:28 am
california, in new york, now in the gulf states in particular with the oil spill. we've seen 2,000 closure and advisory days this year, which is a ten-fold increase over the year before, all due to oil pollution. this is something that's a tremendous problem nationwide. >> but, noah, really how many people get sick from going to beaches like this? i mean, is this something that basically we're able to handle or not? >> unfortunately, we don't have good data on this. we do know that people get sick from swimming in polluted water. there are anecdotal studies showing they're much more likely to end up with ail manies like stomach ail manies, pink eye, skin rashes, strep throat, hepatitis, but we don't have enough data to show whether or not it's safe to swim in this water. more to the point, oftentimes we don't have enough testing to show if the water is contaminated in the first place. in california, a number of programs were cut last year on they took less samples than the year before and posted less
8:29 am
often to let people know it wasn't safe to swim in the water. >> thanks for giving us the heads up. appreciate it. >> thank you. a high-flying record reached in the skies above a beach in gaza. thousands of children tried to break the record for the most kites flying at the same time. can you imagine how pretty that would be? the united nations relief aid works and agency who organized that event says 6,200 children were involved. look at that! that is cool. ♪
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8:33 am
66, surpassing last month's record of 60 u.s. troops killed. joining me live from kabul, afghanistan, nbc jim maceda. can you explain what the situation is like on the ground? >> reporter: hi, there, nice to be out of inbed and talking with you. as tragic as 66 deaths come in the month of you'll, this should come as no surprise. u.s. commanders have been warning for months that as they fought through the summer offensive, that it would be a tough fight and that there would be more casualties. we did just return yesterday from a two-week imbed with a combat unit of the storied 101st airborne division. this unit is proving that prediction of more casualties on a daily basis. under attack with nowhere to hide. >> don't step out.
8:34 am
>> reporter: u.s. army sergeant greg lucas cheated death when his squad was ambushed by the taliban just days ago. >> we're, like, ten feet away from them and they start firing from us. how they didn't hit us, who knows. >> reporter: the second or strike brigade of the 101st airborne has seen 75 casualties since landing in the heart of kandahar late may. already a big part of their battle is learning how to cope. >> we grieve together. we rejoice together. like the bonds you make in the good times help you make through the not so good of times. >> reporter: in a not so good place to fight a war. zari district, one of the most taliban contested in southern afghanistan. cooling down, however they can from the 120-degree heat, helps soldiers like private first class adam wagner stay focused on the mission. >> we want to push through these villages and, you know, seek out the taliban and just get rid of them. >> reporter: and what about more
8:35 am
casualties? >> just hope that, you know, doesn't come to us. >> reporter: still, flags are flying more often at half-staff these days as the unit pays tribute to more lost comrades. this time platoon sergeant john jerrell from south carolina and medic doc winters. many of these veterans of the surge in baghdad say this surge has just begun. there will be more fighting and dying ahead. ali u.s. commanders mention main reason for this increase in casualties, number one, it's a math mat beical issue, 100,000 u.s. forces here, three times more than were in the south just a year ago. so, do you the math. more troops, more casualties. the other reason is that these u.s. and nato forces are no longer holding back. they're moving now into key staging areas, what the taliban
8:36 am
calls its life line, praises like kandahar, like zari, like argondab, these are not areas the taliban going to give up without a very tough fight. that's why we're seeing early on in the so-called surge and that's why generals say it's going to get worse before it gets better. >> you know what strikes me, jim, about this live shot here, i'm looking at you standing there in kabul. things look seemingly so normal from the rooftop there. can you talk about what it's like on the ground, on the street? are shops open? is it a bustling, thriving loif there or not at all? >> reporter: it's absolutely a bustling, thriving life. and it is -- you can get a false sense of security if you're not an afghan. a year or two ago i would have gone with my fixer here, we would have gone to a local business center, sat down if a nice coffee shop and had a cappuccino and a coffee cake.
8:37 am
i would never consider doing that without a serious entourage of security around me. it is a city that doesn't feel the effects of the war that much because there's such a concentration of a & a of western forces in this city. yesterday we were reporting all day long about that mob that attacked those three suvs. so, there is anger. there is frustration out there. anything that symbolizes the west can be hit in a moment's notice. and that attitude or that sense can change very quickly from one of security to danger. i've seen it happen in a heart beat. >> yeah. thank you very much, jim maceda for extensive reporting there. back in the united states wildlife officials in montana say the grizzly bear that killed one man and two injured two other campers has been euthan e euthaniz euthanized. dna tests showed that bear was the same bear. one of the survivors says that
8:38 am
bear attacked her in her tent on wednesday. >> i felt the bear attack my arm. i hadn't even moved. and he -- she clamped down really hard. i screamed. she clamped down harder. and i screamed om more. she was shaking me. >> and the woman says the bear finally released her and walked away after she played dead. the bear's three cubs will most likely be placed in a zoo. a trench collapse in pennsylvania left a man trapped for almost two hours friday. crews said the man got stuck inside a ten-foot help while installing a french drain on a home. multiple emergency crews responded, he was freed and taken to the hospital in serious condition but is expected to be just fine. our world view begins if british columbia, canada. more than 250 wildfires are broken out in just a few days. many communities are on notice to be prepared to leave.
8:39 am
in norway, a polar bear was shot dead after attacking a camper. the bear dragged one man out of the tent about 0 yards along the beach. his friend managed sho to shoot the bear. the victim is expected to survive wound to his head, neck and upper body. bow li yeah, cold weather is blamed for the death of tropical fish. dead alligator and turtles are been spotted few in lon dorngs a new way to go green. they have started up a bike rental program. 5,000 bikes will be available at special docking stations. londoners can buy a key to unlock the bikes for about $4 and have to pay a fee of about $30 an hour -- or rather $1.30 an hour. we have a piece of beatles history for sale. one woman is telling herrer to about how she met the fab four when she was 15 years old and she has the pictures to prove it. joining me from london is tazine. this happened more than 0 years ago when the british invasion
8:40 am
was in full force. i'm curious how this woman, susan baker, managed to meet the beatles and take all of these pictures of them. >> it's amazing when you put it in the context of present day. she was a 15-year-old, naive. she was obsessed with the beatles like most other teenagers at that time. she thought, i'm going to go down to london to ee if i can see paul mccartney's house. she did that with a friend. she dared each other to knock on his door. she was amazed because he came out and spoke to them. and this worked out quite well. she went down for a couple of weekends, a week enat a time and would pay a visit. she was doing two newspaper rounds to save for her train journey down every week. and i think on a sort third or fourth occasion he said, have you been to see the others yet? she said, no i haven't. he said, you need to bang on their doors, too. he wrote on an envelope their
8:41 am
names and addresses. she still has the envelope which also up for auction. she visited the others. they were friendly. they would ask about her, her life, her work, her school. she was amazed how down to earthy friendly they were. she would take her little brother along who would play with john lennon's son. she took photographs and snapshots of had her time with them, photographs outside their house as well as on their cars. >> that is an incredible story that -- i mean, today, this would never happen in a million years. i've got to wonder how hard it's going to be for her to part with all this. 40 years of such a special memory, such a special experience. >> well, you know, she's -- an auctioneer has seen the value in these and now they're up for auction on tuesday. she'll hopefully get 4,000. she wants to use that money to pay for her second daughter's wedding. she says herself, it's a matter
8:42 am
of turning her lovely happy memories into more lovely happy memories. >> well, she sounds like a good mom. thank you very much. it's a great story. thank you. can they just talk it out? there's a new interview this morning with conservative blogger andrew breitbart, what he said about the lawsuit coming his way from shirley sherrod. it ends soon. they got great prices. cars built for the autobahn. people are gonna be driving crazy in the jetta... ...the routan, and the cc. that cc is gorgeous. that jetta is awesome. my wife loves her new routan. and they all come with that carefree maintenance. scheduled maintenance included. we're not shopping for cars here, people. c'mon! well, i am now. that's kind of exciting. [ male announcer ] right now, get 0% apr on 2010 models, excluding tdi. or get a great price on a certified pre-owned volkswagen. or does frizz make you start all over? get ready for a revolution. the new pantene. frizzy to smooth system. medium to thick hair absorbs up to 40% more moisture.
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developing now, the pakistan military is trying to rescue thousands of people stranded by severe flooding in the northwestern region. so far at least 430 people are died from the flooding. it is the worst flooding to hit that area since 1929. in a new interview with "newsweek" magazine blogger andrew breitbart says he wants to meet with shirley sherrod after sherrod told nbc news she planned to sue the mroger after an unedited speech that made her look racist. the naacp condemning sherrod,
8:46 am
forced to resign from the department of agriculture but it soon became clear those remarks were taken out of context. a round of apologies and tv appearances followed. let's bring in rebecca woodland, good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> shirley sherrod says she plans to sue andrew beet bart. he wants to meet with her in private. what, to settle this matter? >> probably. i think a lawsuit is is going to require miss sherrod to throw too much time and money into the problem. what she should do, between us
8:47 am
girls, she should be allowed to meet with him and get one. she needs to send a message he can't do this again. if she does sue, there's a good chance she'll lose. why bother? >> she has to prove malicious intent? >> exactly. she could sue for false, lies and defamation. there's intent required and a public figure which makes her a burden to prove much higher because with you're a public figure you put yourself out so people are able to first amendment talk about it. >> i wonner, i take issue with her being a public figure.
8:48 am
no one had heard of he so, i have to agree with jonah it might be better they just meet together and talk about these things. >> what could she sue for? what kind of damages could she get potentially? >> she's not in it for the money. she wasn't financially damaged because they now offered her -- department of agriculture offered another job. >> her job back or another job. if she's smart she'll negotiate that into a better job. she hasn't been damaged financially. when you sue for damage, that's what you're suing for. that's why i think this should resolve itself short of a lawsuit. >> you're saying give her the private time and talk about it. what do you think? >> i agree. when you sue in civil court you're suing more monetary damages as a result of the damage to your reputation. that's what this would be. weights the damage to her reputation financially if she makes more money now than she was making? so, yes, there is a time span that she was damaged. but that might be offset by the increase in pay. it might be best they have a discussion and -- >> and she's sympathetic. if she sues and loses she might not be so sympathetic anymore. leave it away. >> ladies, thank you. automakers are betting that
8:49 am
the few electric cars will be a big hit with the public. general motors announced friday it plans to boost u.s. production of the chevy volt by 50%. the long-awaited vehicle will be released if seven states in september. nissan announced its rollout schedule for its own electric car, the reef. it will cost almost $33,000. it will also be available in december in california, oregon, arizona and tennessee. so, it looks like the party got a little too out of control on the jersey shore because snooki's under arrest. she found herself in a jersey shore police station as season two of the hit reality show debuted on mtv. >> you should know about -- baby, you're from staten island. get outside. >> are you kidding me? three girls against one. >> can you get out? >> let's get the details from senior editor for "in touch weekly," amy palmer. good morning. >> good morning. >> remember how i used to hate
8:50 am
"jon and kate plus 8"? this i hate more. why did she get arrested. >> she was partying on the beach if seaside heights and got a little too lewd and was arrested for disorderly conduct. the cameras were rolling so this was part of season three, which is taking place right now. not to be confused with season two, which currently airing on mtv where they're in miami beach. so i can probably be certain that you will see snooki being arrested during season three on mtv. >> gee, you think? >> i think so. >> amy, i wish people could have heard our conversation during the commercial when i'm shouting across the studio like, why are so many people watching this show in but so many day on the debut on thursday? >> i mean, alex, what a hit mtv has on their hands. 5.3 million people tuned in. this is the biggest debut for mtv says the osbournes in 2002. you can bet the engineer shi
8:51 am
shore kids aren't going away and i'm sorry, you'll hear more and more about them. >> i'm going to quickly change the subject to another wonderful group of people, "the hills" reality stars, heidi and spencer pratt. they're getting divorced? >> yes, high it shg, heidi file divorced. i don't think anyone is surprised to see this. it's been dominating the headlines in terms of being very negative. spencer pratt is obviously obsessed with fame. some people think he had a hand in heidi's plastic surgery procedures. >> extravaganza. >> yeah. people aren't surprised and i'm sure heidi's family is thrilled this happening. >> i've got two words for you, deep i. that's it. thank you very much. love you, i'm just saying the rest of it -- >> got it. check out an invitation made by two friends in norway. it's a flying boat. it is made from a rubber boat, a steel frame, wings from a
8:52 am
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more outrage this week over the apparent mistakes made at arlington national cemetery. missouri senator claire mccaskill says as much as 6600 graves could be mislabeled. the senator was looking for answers yesterday on the hill. >> did the chief of staff of the army ever see a document from you, we've got a problem, we found cremated remains and we don't know where they belong? >> no. >> did that ever occur? >> we anotated the records,
8:56 am
buried the remains as unknown in the cemetery. i did not send a memo up to the keefe of staff if the army. >> good morning, pikal. look, what happened last month, they were saying 211 remains were affected, 6600 graves. huge discrepancy. what is going on? >> yeah. alex, i think the higher number comes from sort of a mathematical extrapolation. the army originally looked into three of the cemetery's 70 sections and found 211 problems. map discrepancies. and i think the thinking is that if they -- if you were to look at the other 67 sections, you know, you'd reach into the thousands. >> phenomenaler superintendent john metzler, i mean, he is a former after running it because of this scandal. he said he's sorry, expresses sincere regrets to families, but how does this happen? >> yeah.
8:57 am
you know, metzler took over the cemetery in 1991. his father had run it for 0 years, in the '50s and '60s. his dad supervised the funeral of john fnc. kennedy. so he was coming into a system that had been running sort of on autopilot for generations. there were little glitches here and there. most of the time things went right. but as senator mccaskill and the other folks on her committee said thursday, you know, most of the time isn't good enough for arlington. >> michael, what's it going to take to fix this? >> well, the army has brought in a new team of staff. they've brought in two new top people to run the cemetery, to sort of supervise the army
8:58 am
cemetery's program. and to conduct a full examination of their 300,000 people that are buried in arlington. eventually, they want to make sure that everybody's where they're supposed to be. >> right. which mean a lot more to come on this. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. a new report shows american are avoiding the doctor's office. [ male announcer ] when you put everything you've got into it, have the accolades to prove it,
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